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research products and servicesIn the world of TV where audiences can be in their millions and programmes can be streamed live, it’s paramount to maintain your reputation.

Ensure your facts are straight, your subject matter experts are credible, your interviewer knows the questions to ask, and your contestants have nothing to hide – all by conducting robust research with LexisNexis®.

We offer a worldwide news archive going back over 40 years, along with expertly curated and daily updated global news and licensed content collection.

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Introducing Nexis®

Gain vital insights from a powerful research platform with 40,000 sources from global news and licensed content – as well as an archive going back over 40 years. Dig deeper and uncover the information you’re looking for on people, companies, topics and industries with Nexis.

Nexis® Social Analytics

Nexis® Social Analytics (powered by Talkwalker). Easily view and analyse the billions of social posts and conversations to monitor your production mentions, identify influencers and understand your audience demographics.

Nexis Newsdesk

Carry out media monitoring and analysis across print, online, broadcast and social media channels— from one award winning platform. With Nexis Newsdesk you can quickly search, analyse and share critical intelligence about your programme, productions or brand with colleagues.

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