LexisNexis API® & Data Solutions

LexisNexis® API and Data Solutions enable you to leverage the world's largest collection of reliable curated business critical data quickly for integration into a broad variety of use cases, ranging from classical media monitoring to analytics & algorithms to artificial intelligence to big data solutions.

We provide fast access using a range of state of the art API solutions to billions of documents and data points, Moreover, the LexisNexis reputation for accuracy means that the data retrieved through our service are considered reliable throughout the legal and business world.

APIs from LexisNexis seamlessly integrate LexisNexis® resources into your enterprise or Web applications—right into your users' daily workflow. Get faster access to tagged, relevant data from a comprehensive collection of must-have statutory, regulatory, legal and news sources. Plus save staff time and drive deeper insights by integrating valuable content and automating workflows.

LexisNexis Data Integration Solutions.

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