Know Your Customer Reports

Lexis® KYC Report-Standard report

The reputation of the people and companies you choose to work with can directly affect your business and brand.

  • Detailed information about the company: corporate structure, activities, contact information, number of employees.
  • Shareholder information, members of the Board of Directors, officials, and managers.
  • Commercial activities of the company, business partners, financial information, accounting statements.
  • Financial risk assessment.

Lexis® KYC Gold Report - Expanded report

Doing business with someone who is or has been compromised in corruption cases can be a real financial and reputational risk.

  • All the information that's in the KYC Report
  • Government and political ties: vetting the company,  shareholders, and directors against PEP lists
  • Checking the company against the sanctions list and other watch lists
  • Media monitoring for negative news coverage
  • Litigation database: review of local and global judicial databases.

Lexis® KYC Platinum Report - Premium Report

We collect data and create reports on companies anywhere in the world.

  • All the information that's in the KYC Report + KYC Gold Report
  • Site monitoring
  • Tenders
  • Telephone discussion with company representatives
  • M & A history
  • Market analysis of similar companies (up to 3 companies)

Lexis® Check Person - Individual vetting

  • Personal information
  • Address
  • Biographical information
  • Business connections and core activity
  • Solvency (credit history, bankruptcy)
  • Property ownership (shares, real estate)
  • Loans, assets, history of criminal cases
  • Media monitoring for negative news coverage
  • Checking against sanctions and PEP lists
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