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Integrate the data you need into your mission-critical risk mitigation applications with LexisNexis EDDM Data as a Service (DaaS). Why LexisNexis?

We bring together a range of data ideal for predictive analytics used to identify the reputational, financial, regulatory and strategic risks your company faces, including:

  • Comprehensive licensed global news data, with an archive going back more than 30 years for some publishers, to improve visibility to relevant negative news
  • Extensive web-harvested news, blogs and social media to track potential reputational risks and identify emerging trends
  • Business and industry information including financial details, as well as corporate families data offering insights into beneficial ownership
  • Sanctions, watch lists, and PEPs for timely awareness into regulatory risks
  • Legal information ranging from court dockets to full-text global patents data

By tapping into the trusted data available from LexisNexis, you can conduct due diligence and continuous monitoring of key customers, business partners, vendors, suppliers and other third parties that your company relies on.

Conduct statistical modeling and trends analysis

  • Make fast, informed decisions during customer onboarding and maintain a comprehensive view of risk potential for existing customers. Leverage a risk API to check customers against high-level sanctions and PEPs data for a clear true / false answer, as well as additional detail on the person or company.
  • Identify changes on regulatory lists and negative news by key words related to existing customers, suppliers or other third parties. Using our DaaS, you can integrate licensed news, sanctions, PEPs and company profiles into your due diligence system to understand—and proactively manage—risk.

In addition, DaaS is ideal for data science applications, giving you a broader scope of relevant data to use when conducting analysis to uncover trends that could signal disruptive events or untapped opportunities. ­

LexisNexis Data Integration Solutions.

How is LexisNexis Data as a Service delivered?

Depending on your needs, DaaS is available in a variety of different Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This allows you to either:

  • Search and retrieve data from LexisNexis servers via proprietary in-house business applications or a LexisNexis-approved third-party software solution or;
  • Host bulk downloaded content on your own servers for use in data mining, machine learning or artificial intelligence applications

DaaS features several options, allowing you to choose the solution that best aligns to your specific content needs, technical capabilities and risk mitigation workflow.

Web Services Kit (WSK)

Web Services Kit can deliver multiple content sets­—news; company information; sanctions, watchlists and PEPs; and legal cases—into your proprietary systems to support comprehensive due diligence. It offers a simplified process for performing up to 25,000 searches per day.

  • Type in your search terms
  • Your in-house application translates the request and sends it to WSK
  • Results are returned via XML
  • Your application converts XML into a readable format

Sanctions and PEPs APIs

Through agreements with third-party providers, DaaS offers:

  • A Risk API that focuses exclusively on sanctions and PEPs, providing both a true / false answer and further detail on the person or entity.
  • Sanctions, watchlists, blacklists and PEPs, hosted on your servers


Metabase focuses on news and social media, delivering a combination of current premium and harvested web news, with a limited archive going back 6.5 years. Data is available in several configurations:

Metabase FirehoseMetabase FiltersMetabase Search
Online and offline (licensed) news, plus social media such as blogs and forums all normalized into one data stream, delivered in JSON, XML, RSS or Atom. It provides near real-time content coverage with ability to call every 10 seconds or stream data directly. Enables creation of custom filters, using Boolean logic, for data mining that generates precise results.  With over 40 filter operators and six logical operators, matching filters identified in XML/JSON output, you can cut through data ‘noise’ and create highly-targeted filters to receive focused data, delivered in near real-time. Allows you to search over the previous 100 days of content with instant and complete access to the ‘Firehose’ data set. You can create a query in Metabase to find data that matches your keywords with calls every 10 seconds to receive batches of 500 articles at a time in either ascending or descending order.

Talk with a LexisNexis specialist about your specific data needs to discover how LexisNexis Data as a Service can help drive risk awareness­­—from initial third-party screening and assessment to enhanced due diligence and monitoring­­—so you can make confident, data-driven decisions.

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